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Blues In The Cellar (Blues, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Horn section, Keyboards

Pulsating, heavy and driving blues rock song featuring a raw electric guitar melody, powerful horn section, big drums, groovy bass and organ accents. Infectious groove similar to the Black Keys and The Doors. Punchy and intense sound great for extreme sports or guy oriented reality shows. Perfect for an espionage or secretive television show. A bit of a hard driving 70s sound.

Bossa Baby (Bossa Nova, Jazz, Medium-Fast, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Guitars, Horn section, Keyboards, Saxophone Melody

Old style bossa nova similar to classic Stan Getz. The soft and groovy mellow tenor sax melody is surrounded by a real horn section. Great authentic sounds and rhythms. Good for a fun retro kitchen cleaning commercial, upbeat classy car ad, dancing while shopping or a travel channel.

Bright And Sunny (Easy Listening, Jazz, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Horn section, Keyboards, Saxophone Melody

Bright and sparkly smooth jazz song with a light and effervescent vibe. Upbeat, happy and delightful tenor sax and synth melodies. Cheery fender rhodes, real drums, energetic rhythm guitars and synth pads are surrounded by a peppy and strong real horn section made up of tenor sax and trumpets. Happy, inspirational and easy going. Nice jazzy sound perfect for any car commercial, feel good t.v. episode, travel channel or cleaning product. Nice orchestration. Two kids walking down the road, holding hands and drinking a pepsi! Young love at the start of a relationship.

Brooding Monster (Hard Rock, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards

A dark and driving heavy metal instrumental rock song with big guitars and huge sounding powerful real drums. Dynamic and powerful hammond organ. Tension and paranoia from the beginning. Scary in nature and perfect for any Halloween or crime/sci-fi movie. Thick chugging guitars support the distorted synths and loops.Trent Reznor meets Rob Zombie. Dark, menacing and hypnotic. Great for an aggressive, dynamic dramatization. Perfect for a show like The Walking Dead or apocalyptic road warrior movie. Gunfight, heist scene or western drama. Retro 70's sound.

Call Sign (Rock, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars

A rocking power trio instrumental similar to the great bands from the 60's and 70's like Cream and The Who. Straight out of 1969 and Woodstock, with the energy and power of that era. Aggressive and powerful over the top drums, guitar god electric guitars and a thumping and pulsating bass line. Great for a retro and wild t.v. series, old club scene or for a powerful and energetic extreme sporting event like sky diving, wrestling, car race etc.

Campy Halloween Blues (Blues, Rock, Medium-Fast, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards

A fun, groovy and campy instrumental blues rock shuffle. The distorted synth melodies lend itself to a fun and festive halloween song great for a party holiday atmosphere. Cool sounding guitar rhythms with lots of vintage tremolo. Great for a "Thriller" type of dance sequence in a film or television commercial with ghosts, goblins, vampires and Dracula.

Carol Of The Bells (Christmas, Fast, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Orchestra, Saxophone Melody

A driving and moody small orchestral instrumental version of the classic Christmas song, Carol Of The Bells. Featuring tenor saxes, alto saxes and trumpets that groove with the intertwining melodies. Total Tim Burton festive Christmas vibe. Packed with a lot of punch, verve, energy and grit. Raucous and powerful with the up and down dynamics. Something the Trans-Siberian Orchestra would do.