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Angels We Have Heard On High (Christmas, Medium-Slow, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Saxophone Melody

Jazz rock version of the classic Christmas song, Angels We Have Heard On High. Perfect for the holiday season with flowing tenor and alto melodies. Smooth horn section, strings, real drums and groovy bass round out the ensemble. Light and breezy great for any fun and upbeat Christmas commercial or ad music. Something different for the holidays!

Back At Home (Easy Listening, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Horn section, Saxophone Melody

A nice easy listening instrumental jazz tune with a smooth and flowing tenor sax melody, jangly rhythm guitars and a bright horn section. Sunny and positive with a sweet jazz influence. Sprite, upbeat and enjoyable with a cool fun vibe. Real drums and instruments. Light and bouncy song good for any feel good commercial or t.v. episode. Two kids walking down the road, holding hands and drinking a pepsi! Young love at the start of a relationship. Bouncy and refreshing.

Best Thing Ever (Easy Listening, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Horn section, Keyboards, Percussion, Saxophone Melody

A fun, spirited and upbeat jazz instrumental featuring a wonderful and chipper sax melody, and a sprite real horn section. Nice bouncy groove with a cool swaggering bass line, smooth electric piano layers and popping drums. Great for a summertime picnic or barbecue with friends and family. Wholesome and nice ready for corporate videos, travel shows and family road trips.

Big Band Fun (Big Band, Medium-Fast, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Guitars, Horn section, Keyboards, clarinet

A swinging and hip jazz big band song harkening back to the olden days of the 40s. Fun, upbeat, danceable and ready for the big ballrooms. Full real horn section comprising of alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, clarinet and trombone. Lively clarinet and alto sax solos. Great for a documentary, film noir or oldies dance scene. Brings you back to a more simple and carefree time of old MGM musicals of the 40's, 50's and 60's. Also great for an old movie set during World War 2.

Black Hole (Rock, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards

Cool and driving chill rock song featuring a spacey guitar melody, ambient drums and groovy distorted bass. Long, dark and mesmerizing groove. Great as background music for an apocalyptic film , documentaries on climate change or as reflective underscore. Good for sci-fi or horror films or anything that has a moody feel to it. Moody and mellow but with some drive. Sit back, relax and chill out! The added percussion and organ fill out the mood and vibe.

Black Surf (Rock, Medium, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards

A groovy dark instrumental surf rock song with moody and flowing interchanging electric guitar melodies in the verses, and powerful rhythms in the chorus sections. Soaring hammond organ adds the glue. Lots of that surf reverb and vibe. A moody song great for a dark spaghetti western, dark B movie comedy, halloween oriented show, futuristic road trip or an apocalypse setting in the future. Great for a dark Tim Burton road trip film. Perfect for an updated knights tale. The ending of the song rocks out with all it's gothic glory with exciting and soaring guitars.

Blue Drive (Rock, Medium-Fast, Full Mix, )
Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Horn section, Keyboards

A groovy, cool and driving blues rock song with powerful drums, swaggering bass, organ, guitars and a flowing horn section melody line. Pulsating and infectious groove with a punchy, energetic and intense sound. Great for extreme sports or a secretive espionage show. A bit of a hard driving 70s sound. Blood Sweat and Tears meets the Black Keys.