genre: Orchestral


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Carol Of The Bells Orchestra (Christmas, Orchestral, Medium-Fast, Full Mix, )
instruments: Orchestra

A driving orchestral version of the classic Christmas song, Carol Of The Bells. Featuring tenor saxes, alto saxes and trumpets that groove with the intertwining melodies. Total Tim Burton festive Christmas vibe. Packed with a lot of punch, verve, energy and grit. Raucous and powerful with the up and down dynamics. Something the Trans-Siberian Orchestra would do.

Enchanted Village (Cinematic, Orchestral, Medium-Slow, Full Mix, )
instruments: Orchestra

A beautiful, heartwarming and enchanting orchestra movement bringing about the new coming of spring in the old time village. Lush clarinet and flute melodies. Sweeping and engaging, perfect for any movie soundtrack showing the environments growing beauty and awe.

Orchestra Angels On High (Christmas, Orchestral, Medium, Full Mix, )
instruments: Orchestra

Orchestral version of the classic Christmas song, Angels We Have Heard On High. Perfect for the holiday season with a real horn section for the melody. Powerful, poignant and great for any fun and upbeat Christmas commercial or ad music. Something different for the holidays!