instrument: Background Vocals


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Chunka Love (Hard Rock, Very Fast, Full Mix, )
instruments: Background Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitars

Total hard rock groove with razor edge guitars, bad ass drums and pounding bass. Ultra heavy and head banging in the verses but gets a bit more happy sounding in the chorus section with the backing vocals. Excellent for any extreme sports like down hill skiing, cage fighting, football, wrestling, NASCAR, or sky diving. Great for an updated martial arts film.

Picking The Surf (Rock, Fast, Full Mix, )
instruments: Background Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards

A surf rock instrumental song with a slight country feel. Real drums and instruments highlight this groovy and rocking song. Nice subdued electric guitar melody. Great for a road trip movie and pals together at a barbecue, or Chevy truck commercial. The distorted rhythms guitars add a nice jangly energy along with the swinging electric bass. The hammond organ adds to the overall surf flavor and vibe. Nice pop rock feel. The female vocals add a cool go go feel to the section. Great for a happy adventure or travel film.