instrument: Female Vocal


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Time Won’t Wait For Us (Country Rock, Medium, Full Mix, )
instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Female Vocal, Guitars, Horn section, Keyboards

Rowdy alt country rock song featuring a powerful and soulful female lead vocal. Great sounding jangly guitars, pounding real drums, punchy bass and huge background vocals. Very catchy chorus. Song about the life of a country singer in a traveling band. Classic sounding country track great for any southern bar scene Chevy truck commercial, or a Saturday night in the Urban Cowboy scene. Fun and very danceable for any country/southern oriented film or commercial. Captures the essence perfectly of a retro modern country song.

Wouldn’t You Know It (Rock, Medium, Full Mix, )
instruments: Bass, Drums, Female Vocal, Guitars, Keyboards

A hard-driving, alternative rocker with a catchy chorus and lyrics describing the disaster of bad timing. A groovy and hard edged rock song with a slight surf sound and a punk-girl attitude that is a cross between Joan Jett and Jack White. It will set you dancing or singing along and will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Great for a scene in a movie about bad things happening on bad days.