instrument: Marimba


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Lovely Picnic (Easy Listening, Medium, Full Mix, )
instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Marimba

A nice easy listening jazz pop song featuring a flowing guitar melody, marimba and guitar rhythms, smooth bass and synths. Beautiful and relaxing but with a sprite, positive and enjoyable vibe. Ready for any light television commercial or relaxing vacation ad. Get ready for that family vacation to the Caribbean. Makes you feel good about yourself.

Marimba Vacation (Easy Listening, Medium, Full Mix, )
instruments: Bass, Keyboards, Marimba

A nice light bouncy instrumental based around marimbas and synthesizers. Nice acoustic piano and oboe melodies. Smooth airy quality with a friendly and romantic vibe. Peaceful with a bit of energy. Great for any light commercial or child scene in a movie. Young children playing on a playground. Friendship and pals on vacation in the Caribbean . Perfect for the travel channel showing exotic places.